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A bit of background…

Buttonbag designs and sells craft kits for children and their families, updating old crafts to give them a fresh, contemporary lease of life. We’ve been working with owners Sara and Sarah since 2018.

In their own words, when we started working together they “hoped to get a deeper understanding of what the different social media platforms could offer our company and what we should and shouldn’t be doing and a coherent and realistic social media strategy”.

A strategy is a great place to start, so that’s exactly what we did!

What we did

After that initial strategy stage, we then expanded our services to take over the day-to-day management of their Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook accounts.

As part of that, we’ve run competitions, visited trade shows and collaborated with influencers, including bloggers and other companies, on Buttonbag’s behalf.

We’ve also run paid-for-advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram in the run-up to key retail periods such as Black Friday and Christmas, as well as more general advertising with an aim of growing their Instagram following.

And the results?

Well, we’re very proud to say that during our time working with Buttonbag, their Instagram following has grown by a whopping 62%! And their Pinterest follower numbers have also grown by an impressive 45%.

The Facebook advertising campaigns also worked well, with a healthy click-through rate of at least 3% with all audiences (a good baseline for click-through rate is 1-3%) and a return on ad spend of 10x, meaning the company received a £10 return on every £1 they spent.

As Buttonbag themselves explain, “due to Social Elements’ systematic and detailed tracking of our growing usage of our chosen platforms (Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest) we’ve been able to channel precious resources (time and money!) into cost-effective media campaigns that have substantially increased our customer engagement, and new customer acquisition”.

That’s great news and exactly what we wanted to see! But there are wider, hidden benefits for Sara and Sarah:

“We now have a coherent and realistic strategy that has enabled the business owners to focus on other aspects of business growth”.

Working with us means you have more time to spend on other parts of the business, focusing on what you’re best at and driving growth rather than getting overwhelmed by social media.

We now have a coherent and realistic strategy that has enabled the business owners to focus on other aspects of business growth.

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