Paid-for social media advertising

Social media platforms are busy, crowded places, and it can be tricky to get noticed. That’s where paid social advertising comes in.

Paid social advertising is the most targeted way to reach your customers, letting you specify the audience your adverts are shown to. Whether that’s by age, location, interests or more, you can make sure your message is getting to the right group of people.

At Social Elements we’re experts in Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn advertising, creating robust paid social strategies that drive leads and optimise conversions.

Paid-for social strategy

If you’re ready to invest in paid-for social, we can advise on the best course of action for your advertising. We’ll analyse any past advertising activity you’ve done (if you’ve used paid-for advertising before) and design a strategy that works for your business and budget. And before we hand the reins over to you, we’ll run some ‘test’ ads on a small budget to check the strategy is sound.

Facebook advertising

In today’s crowded marketplace, you can no longer rely solely on organic Facebook marketing to get your business noticed. Paid-for Facebook advertising has excellent targeting and retargeting capabilities, allowing you to reach your ideal customer more effectively.

If you want to get good results from Facebook advertising it’s absolutely essential to invest in an effective, targeted campaign. We’re experts in Facebook and Instagram advertising, priding ourselves on our detailed, analytical approach.  Whether your goal is training, brand awareness, lead generation or increased sales, we can design, run and monitor your ad campaigns to get results.

LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn advertising is a powerful tool that allows businesses to spread the word about the services or products they offer. With over 675 million monthly users, it’s the preferred social platform if you’re targeting B2B customers and clients.

This is largely due to a perception that LinkedIn users are more willing to do business on this platform than on any other. The advertising interface on LinkedIn is similar to that on Facebook, with a wide range of targeting options available to you such as location, job title and company. With all these options, you can direct your messaging to those customers who are most likely to respond.

LinkedIn ads are perfect for all sorts of objectives, including brand awareness, lead generation and conversions. At Social Elements we’re experienced and knowledgeable in using paid LinkedIn ads in the most successful and cost-effective way. Get in touch to discuss how we can support you and your business.

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