Case study


A bit of background…

AmalgamRx brings together life sciences companies, payers and providers through a SaaS platform that helps support clinical decisions and better deliver digital and medical products and interventions to patients.

The brief

AmalgamRx set the brief with the Social Elements team. They wanted to get both their messaging in front of their prospective target audience and generally increase their visibility amongst their existing audience. The aim was to be top of mind when their ideal customer was considering digital therapeutic products and services. Using paid LinkedIn advertising AmalgamRx wanted to create some general brand awareness and generate leads.

With a large PR campaign in the pipeline, designed to release news of new team additions, mergers, collaborations and new product approvals, AmalgamRx wanted their advertising to reflect and support a program of press releases, helping to spread their messages louder and further.

The goals

The purpose of the social media advertising was two-fold.

Brand awareness

To increase the volume of people who are aware of AmalgamRx and drive traffic to the website.

This was largely targeting cold audiences but also utilising contact lists. The ultimate aim was to spread the word of AmalgamRx and get as many eyes on the content as possible.

Lead generation

To further support the ‘know, like and trust’ factor for AmalgamRx. If the audience knows, likes and trusts the brand they are more likely to purchase from them. We used a mixture of cold and warm audience targeting for this goal.

The Social Elements team understands LinkedIn advertising! They are supportive, flexible, and easy to work with. From working with Lisa and her team we understood how targeting can improve over time with the learning/data garnered.

The process

We started by developing a social advertising strategy which included:

  • Development of user personas for the ad targeting.

  • Research and identification of competitor advertising activity.

  • Collation of all advertising collateral for the advertising campaigns. We collated all of the assets that AmalgamRx had for the period of the advertising campaign.

We then moved into the advertising management phase. This included:

  • Advertising set up, advice, monitoring and reporting on results monthly

  • A nine month long advertising campaign plan

  • General LinkedIn advertising support and advice

  • Asset creation advice

The results

Social Elements used LinkedIn advertising as part of a wider marketing and PR plan to raise the overall awareness of AmalgamRx amongst potential pharma customers and investors.


Over a period of 9 months we directed 24k visitors to the target pages on the company website. 74% of these visits were from the target audience which consisted of pharma, biotech, medical device and healthcare organisation employees. 91% of these employees were in senior level positions. Overall our conversion rates for sponsored content were at least 95% and the open rates for sponsored messaging was 58%. This is in line with industry targets.


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