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Social media platforms are busy, crowded places, and it can be tricky to get noticed. That’s where paid social advertising comes in.

Paid social advertising is the most targeted way to reach your customers, letting you specify the audience your adverts are shown to. Whether that’s by age, location, job title, interests or more, you can make sure your message is getting to the right group of people.

‌At Social Elements we’re experts in Meta (Facebook), Instagram, Google ads, TikTok, Twitter and LinkedIn advertising. We have a successful track record of creating robust paid social strategies that drive leads and optimise conversions for our clients across the life sciences sector. At Social Elements, we can design, run and monitor your ad campaigns for you and apply our knowledge of what works in the life sciences sector.

LinkedIn advertising

LinkedIn is the largest professional network with more than 900 million members in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide.

As a B2B platform, it is the obvious choice for advertising your products and services as users are already in business mode and have a purchasing mindset. It is a useful platform for startups to attract the attention of investors and for industry partners and academics to connect.

The advertising interface on LinkedIn is similar to other social platforms, however, LinkedIn is the only platform that enables you to target very specifically according to industry, job title, seniority and other job-related categories. This means that you can reach the precise decision-makers within the life sciences or pharma required to meet your goal.

Meta (Facebook) advertising

Paid-for Meta advertising has excellent targeting and retargeting capabilities, allowing you to reach your ideal customer more effectively. It is particularly effective at reaching patient groups and building awareness around specific diseases – be that new treatment or diagnostic.

However, it’s a sophisticated process that needs a detailed analytical approach, with constant monitoring in order to get the required results. With a professional set-up campaign, you can get the results you need, whether your goal is training, brand awareness, lead generation or increased sales.

Instagram advertising

Instagram is one of the largest growing social media platforms, making it a good option for you to advertise your business. It is a useful platform for demonstrating company culture and attracting prospective employees.

As Instagram ads are managed through the Meta Ad Manager platform, it benefits from the highly effective targeting capabilities that are seen on Facebook. This means that large numbers of the right prospects are within reach.

‌Instagram’s ability to host high-quality visual content also makes it a popular choice. This, combined with the plethora of active influencers on the platform, means that Instagram can be a lucrative channel for business.

Twitter advertising

Twitter remains a robust choice for B2B marketing, despite recent challenges. Life science and Pharma communities have long used the platform and there is no indication that this is in decline. It remains an effective platform for targeting academics, promoting event attendance and attracting footfall to exhibition stands and booths.

‌Twitter holds unique targeting capabilities that you will not find on other platforms. For example, keyword targeting allows you to target people who have used a specific word or hashtag, which can lead to much more precise results.

Social media advertising strategy

If you’re ready to invest in paid-for social, but are unsure of which channels will give you the results that you need then our social media advertising strategy will help.

We will advise on the best course of action for your social media advertising. We’ll analyse any past advertising activity you’ve done (if you’ve used paid-for social media advertising before), assess the right channels for your goals, and design a strategy that works for your business and budget. We’ll run some ‘test’ ads on a small budget to check if the strategy is sound and we will carefully monitor performance and adapt our strategy as required to ensure you get the best possible outcome and return on your investment.

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