Case study

Pistoia Alliance

A bit of background…

Pistoia Alliance is a global not-for-profit organisation which works to reduce barriers and drive collaboration in life science research and development.

They came to Social Elements needing help to increase their brand awareness, as well as a more effective process to manage their social media. At this point, they had a basic presence on key platforms but were posting fairly infrequently and inconsistently.

They were keen to work with someone who has a strong scientific background, saying “Our industry can be a niche one. A normal marketing style consultancy can provide relevant service, but may require more overhead from the team to vet or create the more scientific content”.

Pistoia Alliance logo

What we did

We started off by creating a social media strategy to reflect the organisation’s aims, as well as looking at their social media activity to date. With a clear strategy in place, we then took over the management of their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts.

Using these platforms, we explained in simple language what Pistoia Alliance does, helping the reader to understand their work. We also showcased the organisation’s work through a series of posts focused on various projects they’ve run, as well as on their new members and board members.

Finally, we also trialled LinkedIn advertising with a view to increasing page followers.

And the results?

We’ve all been really pleased with the results, with our lead contacts praising our “friendly, supportive and self-driven” approach as well as valuing the “solid, consistent and frequent presence on our channels” that they’d been missing before working with us.

We love hearing that they’re happy with our work, but let’s look at the results more objectively, too. In the first twelve months of our social media strategy and management process being in place:

  • Social media web traffic doubled in comparison with the previous year.
  • Follower numbers increased on LinkedIn (100%) and Twitter (18%) over the course of the year.

The returns we saw from LinkedIn advertising were also strong, achieving results comparable to another campaign they’d run previously (Cost per click of $7 and a click through rate of 1.7%).

Asked to sum up the difference that working with Social Elements has made, they told us “we now have a consistent presence on our social media platforms, and Business Development report member contacts commenting that they’ve noticed us on social media”.

But it doesn’t stop there!

“An additional side effect was the way you’ve worked with our new membership, giving them new PR for their own social media in joining the Pistoia Alliance and also enabling us to gain greater understanding of why companies are joining the Pistoia Alliance, which helps our future business development efforts and what the pain points of our industry are.”

This is a perfect example of how social media can open up opportunities and reap benefits that you didn’t anticipate, and it’s been a pleasure to be a part of.

we now have a consistent presence on our social media platforms, and Business Development report member contacts commenting that they’ve noticed us on social media.

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