3 Ways Social Media Can Impact Life Sciences Website Traffic

3 ways social media can impact life sciences website traffic

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Our Guest Blog from Belinda White

Belinda White is a website consultant, digital strategist and award-winning designer with over 28 years’ creative industry experience. Creating successful brands, digital and print campaigns for UK and international clients. Belinda’s specialist experience is in Life Science and biotech web design, SEO and digital marketing.

Websites exist to be visited and to engage visitors. Why have a beautiful life science website if no one stops by?

Most life science websites need traffic, visitors, readers, people that engage with your business. Life sciences organisations like yours need to reach a relevant audience in the broadest possible way. Everyone is online; many, if not all, of your audiences, will spend some time on social media. Life sciences is a fast-moving, ever-changing sector that is very much at the news’s current forefront. With this news media viewed online, it’s increasingly important for your company to have a stunning online presence with your website. Having a fantastic website is just the start of promoting your business online. How do you use social media to encourage website visitors?

The most notable traffic drivers are:

  1. Organic search
  2. Email marketing
  3. Referral
  4. Traditional marketing
  5. And Social media marketing


Although conversion rates from social platforms can be low, they remain important for sharing your message, latest innovations, and building your brand.  The perfect place to make new connections across life sciences and have new, relevant conversations. With these social interactions, you’ll better understand your audience wants and needs and day-to-day issues, informing them how your product, service or innovation can help. 


So how can you use social media to drive traffic to your website?


1. Impact of Content


Websites are nothing without great content.  But how do you make sure the content ‘speaks’ to your customers? 


Your written content needs to use language and terminology that is relevant to your visitors. If your website pages are for healthcare professionals, they’ll need a certain tone and level of detailed information that they will find useful. If your website pages are more patient-focused, again, you’ll need to write in a way that helps them understand the benefits of what you offer. 


Once your content is perfected, you are ready to promote this content on your social media channels, driving traffic to your website.


We recommend creating regular new content to publish on your website. This can be in the form of blogs, articles, case studies. Blogging should be viewed as an opportunity to offer highly researched and curated information to your target audience. Information that tells a story builds your reputation as an expert in your field and addresses your potential customer’s needs.



2. Brand exposure


Customers are increasingly attracted to and influenced by brands and experiences. Brand values fall into two areas: your brand’s value as a business asset and your brand’s perceived value by your customers. Social media platforms are a great place to build your brand and speak to your audiences and build important trust. Trust is a major factor in life sciences. This is one of the key reasons your brand is central to build awareness and extend customer loyalty. Branding creates differentiation and presents your unique set of values.


Both patients and health care professionals rely on a range of trust factors to guide their decisions. A strong and authentic brand forms a critical element in building trust and assurance.


Working towards a clear and consistent virtual brand is a sure way to drive interest. Social media is a great platform to tell your story and build your narrative.


3. Publishing


Consistent posting and publishing across your relevant social media channels will help build consistent traffic that your website needs. Each social platform needs its own publishing schedule. Twitter is super busy, so publishing links back to your website content on this platform a few times a day will work best. Where publishing on LinkedIn may only need once a day. 


Make sure you include a relevant, eye-catching powerful image with your post — an image included in the website content you send them to. Publishing on social with a strong image helps your message to stand out and encourage that click. Use vibrant colours consistent with your brand identity and a relevant tone-of-voice in the message. Make sure each visual post is unique and matches your brand identity. 


Bonus – 


4. User Experience (UX)


So you’re consistently posting on the right social media channels to drive website traffic. But what happens when someone leaves social and visits your website?

Are they going to have the very best experience?


Health and human emotion go hand in hand. UX (User Experience) takes into account how people feel when they visit your website. Front and centre are logical task-driven needs, but underlying this (and probably without them realising) how visitors feel when interacting with your website is a significant decision driver.


Think about optimising your website to enable visitors to start the first conversation as easy as possible. People buy from people. Online and digital can feel distant, a little impersonal. First impressions count. A website that fully reflects your life science or biotech brand conveys your business key’s strategy and focuses. But that’s the first step. Once you’ve grabbed their attention and they’re interested in finding out more about you and what you offer.


The final takeaway

At Arttia Creative, we help build life science businesses by developing clear and engaging brands. Brands make it simple for you to market your business to your target audiences using clear and consistent visual communications.


If you need help to reach your next round of investment, expand into new markets, attract investors or new partners, or want support to launch a new product, the team at Arttia Creative is here to help you.


We hope this helps you leverage your social media to drive website traffic. Arttia Creative are here to empower established life sciences businesses like yours to tell your story. Distilling scientific, biotech and healthcare multi-layered innovations, products and services and presenting them online with clarity.


Providing you with world-leading brand identity, website design and digital strategy. Helping international life science businesses like yours build a global reach.


Let’s talk.


Belinda White

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