How to build your Linkedin brand

How to build your LinkedIn Brand

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When was the last time you gave your LinkedIn profile any attention? With face-to-face meetings unlikely to be happening any time soon, the likelihood is you’ll be introducing yourself to new contacts on a video call. They will probably also want to take a look at your LinkedIn page, so with this in mind, polishing that profile is a good place to start.

I’ve spoken to many business owners who know they should have a presence on LinkedIn but are wary of taking the plunge. Some have needed convincing before they become active on LinkedIn, but the benefits of smartening up a profile are plentiful. Did you know that of all B2B leads coming from social media, LinkedIn is responsible for 80 per cent? That’s four out of every five leads coming from LinkedIn. All other platforms combined make up less than 20 per cent, including Facebook and Twitter.
If you’re ready to get started, here are three quick steps that will ensure your first impression is a good one:


️ Update your profile picture

LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21x more views than those without. Make sure it’s a recent shot (you can even consider a less formal picture due to the work-from-home position many of us in). Ensure your face takes up at least 50 per cent of the space and you look happy! However, it shouldn’t be too informal, so no sunglasses or beach shots please.


✔️ Upload a background banner

Having an interesting backdrop will help you stand out from others. Instead of sticking with the standard blue banner, upload something that represents your business, brand or role. The dimensions for this image are 1128 x 191 px.


✔️ Add more to your headline

Your headline doesn’t just have to be your job title: that doesn’t tell the viewer much about you at all. There is space here to expand and say more about what you do, and how you help people. Think about your niche so that you can really call out to your idea clients. Use keywords and language that your potential customers would use. Explain how you help and the problems you solve.


These simple steps are the basics of getting you started with a great looking profile, after which you’ll be well on your way to LinkedIn success.


If you need any help with updating your LinkedIn profile or more, Social Elements offers LinkedIn one-to-one training, all virtual! Please get in touch by email at

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