New Client Kick-Off: The Importance Of The Discovery Meeting

New client kick-off: the importance of the discovery meeting

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New client kick-off: the importance of the discovery meeting

The digital marketing kick-off meeting is one of the most exciting, in our opinion. We learn about your ambitions as a growing life sciences company. With small biotech companies or start-ups, we get to hear the stories behind the innovation; the motivation and drive that led you to start your company and your passion to succeed.  


At Social Elements, we use initial onboarding meetings as a discovery exercise. We take the time to get to know you and understand your goals for the short and long term. We identify potential pain points or barriers that could impede success. And we identify who your ideal customers are and what motivates them.


What to expect at the discovery meeting

Ahead of the discovery meeting, we will send you a simple questionnaire which helps us to understand your position in the market, what your unique selling points are and get a feel for what structure underpins any current marketing activity. 

The discovery meeting is designed to further tease out what makes you unique and sets you apart from the competition. It will challenge your solutions against your competitors and unearth the evidence that could substantiate the benefits that your product offers. We identify what assets you have, and where there are any gaps that we can help you to fill so that you have the right content to support your social media campaigns. We also identify important milestones such as new product launches, event attendance and other opportunities that we can leverage for you. 

We don’t ask you to prepare ahead of the call. All we need is for you to share as much of your existing knowledge as possible and to answer our questions. By the end of the meeting, we will already be starting to formulate strategies and creative ideas for how we can best support you.


Social media is essential for life science companies

Most companies understand that having a social media presence is an essential component of any company’s marketing strategy – and particularly for those in the life science sector. It is how you can connect with customers, build brand awareness, and keep your business ahead of the competition. Social media also provides a platform for life science companies to share valuable content, and showcase their products and services. Yet many lack the time and resources to successfully develop the right strategy and content. This is where outsourcing your social media marketing can help.

Outsourcing your social media

It is often a big step for an organisation to outsource its social media marketing. However, it can bring significant gains. It gives you access to specialist social media expertise from a team who are abreast of the latest trends and techniques and who are skilled at developing effective social media content and social media advertising strategies.  

It is important to find the right agency, one that understands your sector and your business. At Social Elements, we have specialist life sciences knowledge and expertise – many of our team are former scientists. We have a successful track record for delivering effective campaigns that achieve the desired results for our clients in the life sciences sector

Finding the right marketing mix

During the discovery call, we will gain an understanding of which audiences you need to reach and what you want to communicate. We will develop messaging that will resonate with your target audience and advise on the best marketing channels to meet your business goals.


Whether you are looking to raise awareness of your brand or specific products, launch an employee advocacy scheme, better establish your expertise within the marketplace, or simply generate a healthy pipeline of new leads, we can support you to do this. 


At Social Elements, we have a carefully selected network of associates that we work with who have very specific expertise in a range of different marketing disciplines and who all specialise in the life sciences sector. This covers everything from SEO, public relations, content marketing, social media advertising, website development, influencer marketing and advocacy.   


Get in touch to discover how we can take the stress out of your marketing.

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