The power of your website and social media working together

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The power of your website and social media working together

This blog has been written by Ellie Gadd, a Social Elements consultant.

In the digital age it is essential for businesses, especially those operating in the life sciences
sector, to have a well-designed website and carefully coordinated social media presence.

Used effectively, these two digital marketing tools work together to bring you new leads, help you retain your existing customers and establish you as a leader in your industry.

So, where and how should you invest your time and effort?

Life sciences website vs social media

We often find that when new clients approach us, they need clarification about the role of social media and how it complements their company website. They need help understanding the different content strategies that should be applied to each platform. So, let us clear this up for you.


Your website is the central hub of your online presence. Your website acts as your online showcase, a place to present your innovations, the benefits they bring to your customers and the problems you solve. Through effective SEO your website will also ensure your company is found online.


Social media has a very different role. It is where you build relationships – connect with your current and future customers, colleagues, and industry contacts. It’s where you grow a community and share conversations. It’s also one of the ways you can signpost people to your venture.


Your content design and strategy will underpin your approach to the content published on your website and content created for social media.


A carefully planned life sciences content marketing will help to move potential customers along your inbound marketing funnel. A creative content strategy will convert readers from individuals with limited knowledge of, and just a casual interest in, your company to fully-fledged customers and then advocates who recommend your services and products.

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Your life science website as your showcase

Your website is a powerful asset. It is the one space online where you have complete control over how your company is portrayed. You describe your services and products exactly how you want to, in a way that best demonstrates their worth. It is also where you can provide critical data for your company.


You can use your website to convey your authority, build trust and demonstrate your credentials by creating compelling content, for example, case studies, which can use a storytelling style to show how your products and services deliver results. Sharing customer reviews, awards and partnerships, to name a few.


Like any good sales process, your website should not remain static, changing to showcase the most relevant information at the right time. With case studies, news, PR, articles, publications, and white papers. Integrating a newsletter into your marketing plan allows you to communicate regularly with customers, investors, and partners.

Your social media as your coffee shop

While your website is your showcase, social media is your coffee shop – your space to socialise, start conversations and build relationships.


Your social media is where you can discuss the latest news and your area of expertise, and what is happening in your industry, more generally, beyond the services and products you offer.


Your social media will help you build brand awareness, establish your personality and communicate strategically to meet your business goals.


You can amplify your position in your marketplace, establishing your company and your staff as experts and thought leaders.


Social content encourages followers to interact and engage with your brand through how they like, share, and comment, where two-way social interactions occur. The more people who engage with you on social media, the more people you will go on to reach, awareness will grow, and sales will increase.


One mistake we often see is that companies talk about themselves and simply broadcast their content pushing their products and services.


If we take this back to our early analogy of your social media being your coffee shop, would you want to have coffee with someone who only talks about themselves? No, we wouldn’t either.

Business meeting in coffee shop

Get the support you need

At Social Elements we help life sciences companies build a community on social media with content strategies designed to meet each company’s unique needs.

We do this in a few ways:

Working with you to develop a unique strategy that you can take away and implement.

Providing training, so your team has the skills they need to manage your social media and build an engaged community effectively.

Looking after your whole social media management and social content creation so that you can focus on your business.

Get in touch today to discuss how we can best support you to meet your business goals.

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