The Top 10 Benefits PR Can Bring To Your Brand – The Value Of Media Communications

The Top 10 Benefits of PR

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The Top 10 Benefits PR Can Bring To Your Brand - the value of media communications to brand building

Since JFPR started we have represented a good number of companies from start-ups to well established brands in their fields.  Each client has their own set of challenges and objectives and creating a PR roadmap to resolve those issues is usually a bespoke programme based on the context of the issue, the resources available and the objective.  What each client does find is that leveraging a bespoke PR campaign brings with it multiple benefits that far surpass its original specific goal.  Here are the top 10 benefits of PR…

1. Lead Generation – although a problematic key performance indicator for PR, there is no doubt that we have seen clients generate long and short term leads as a result of editorial coverage.  

2. Competitor Framing – Your competitors are important since your audience requires context as to the positioning of your product/brand/service.  Through a strategic communications approach you can help to educate your audience as to how they should see you and why you are different.

3. Attracts a different type of audience – Most brands will have multiple audience segments for a service or product and well-defined key messaging within a communications programme often helps hone-in on your key targets

Attract a different type of audience - two women, one black, one white looking at a see through wipe board. Planning and working

4. Brand Credibility – It is said that during the sales cycle, customers or clients need to build trust in a brand before investing. By increasing the OTS – opportunities to see by earned media, endorsements from established journalists, companies can quickly gain or maintain brand status within its industry.

Brand Credibility - definition from the dictionary. Highlighted in pink

5. Changing Perceptions – Boost your brand essence and product/service with feedback research to gain clarity on what your customers or potential customers really think about your brand.  Using measurable tactics will help ensure that you can use tactical comms to address any perceptions that are not true to either your company service or product.

6. Build investor confidence – Whilst direct communication to a company’s investors is essential, media press coverage either in consumer, corporate or financial media can significantly help bolster assurance with your stakeholders.

7. Build consumer confidence – Leaving a positive trail of good articles and endorsement will also help to solidify the assurance of your customers in their investment.

Public Relations - hand drawn diagram of the different parts

8. Recruitment drive – Consistent communications across platforms will also add value to your recruitment drive.  Staff build stronger links with their workplace when there are positive mentions of the company through the media. It also helps in recruiting for new team members.  

9. Improve SEO – With media mentions also heavily featured online, a company’s digital footprint is propelled into the first few pages with earned media coverage – this is one of the most significant and visible benefits of positive PR.

 10. Educate your audience –A brand can position themselves as experts in their field whilst ensuring they cut through any misinformation and build trust and a relationship with their target audience.

More about Juliet – Juliet Francis is Founder and CEO of JFPR Consulting, a media communications agency specialising in the health sector.   Juliet is also Co-Chair of Allbright’s Diversity and Inclusion Research and Education Committee, and also an Advisory Board Member for Creative Cultures, delivering unrivalled insights into global audiences.

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