Training Workshops – the benefits and bonuses of bespoke in-house training

Training workbook and phone. Training workshops with Social Elements

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Training Workshops - the benefits and bonuses of bespoke in-house training

There’s nothing quite like learning alongside other people, and social media is no different. Social Elements’ regular face-to-face and online social media training workshops are great opportunities to boost your knowledge, practise skills and share tips and tricks with other professionals along the way.

A recent training workshop with St Brides Partners was a great success. St Brides is a PR and marketing consultancy for businesses looking to access, and raise their profile across, the financial markets. The agency works predominantly with clients in the natural resources (mining) and technology sectors.

St Brides is increasingly supporting clients with social media management, particularly on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

They employ a dedicated social media team that manages more than 30 social media accounts between them. The team is already doing a great job, but they wanted to fine-tune their social media offering and look at ways to make better use of the latest trends and maximise engagement across their platforms.

St Brides wanted an audit of their social media channels and then a training workshop for their in-house social media team.

Bespoke training, Group of employees sat around a large table in a conference room. Laptops open and workbooks to hand.

A social media audit

Dependent on your needs a social media audit can comprise of:


  • A review of the overall visual branding and positioning on social media
  • A deep dive into the company’s social media postings and engagement in recent months
  • A summary of what the business is doing well and what could be improved
  • A deep dive into competitors or industry experts
  • Current best practice examples
  • A number of specific actions to take to build awareness/engagement and following

In-house training and workshops

In the example of St Brides, they are constantly looking for new tactics to help their clients differentiate themselves from their competitors on social media and attract new investors. However, all of this needs to be achieved within the tightly regulated frameworks for financial PR and marketing.


Social Elements designed and delivered a one-day bespoke training programme for St Brides. The team joined us for the day – all with very different levels of social media experience. Lisa, together with our team members Jo and Karen, led our training, bringing their wide-ranging skills in social media strategic planning, platform management and content creation.


The training day had a very practical focus – with interactive exercises, quizzes and case studies to help embed learning and understanding.


The topics we covered included:

  • Strategic social media management
  • How to make effective use of company pages on LinkedIn
  • Employee advocacy on LinkedIn
  • The best times to post
  • The latest platform trends and features
  • Using different content formats and storytelling
  • Tactics for maximising engagement
  • Measuring success on social media
  • The best social media management tools
  • Paid advertising on LinkedIn.


Our training concluded with an excellent Q&A session – where attendees asked questions on everything from LinkedIn Live to paid advertising.

Experts in social media training from Social Elements

The results

The day spent with St Brides went extremely well. We could see the impact we were making with the team. St Brides were able to take away clear action points that they could put into practice immediately. The team were left feeling more knowledgeable about the latest trends and the best social media tools. They took on board our suggestions for being more daring with their visuals and short-form video. 


Following our recommendations, the team is now looking to use LinkedIn Live for CEO Q&A sessions to help them raise the profile of senior leaders within their clients’ businesses.


Ana Ribeiro, MD of St Brides Partners, said: “Our team already had a good understanding of social media marketing and so we were looking for advice on how to further improve our offering. Lisa and her team were very professional. The sessions were well presented, with some interesting insights.”


We look forward to seeing how St Brides takes forward its social media marketing.

An interactive workshop on social media

Find out more about our bespoke training days

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by social media? Would you like to learn new tactics to help you stand out from your competitors? Whether you’re a complete novice or you’re keen to update your social media knowledge, we can help. 

From a power hour on Zoom through to a full day’s training for you and your team, we’ll tailor the training to your needs and your budget. Contact Lisa for details.

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